George Hinks

2018,  BA (Hons) Photography, University of Westminster  
"The project consists of four staple transformations: a systematic sequence of thermal images - photogrammetrically aligned into a virtual three-dimensional model - three-dimensionally printed (additively) - and further casted. Using a thermal imager I was able to convert a subject’s thermal radiation. The state of this surface is addressed and displayed as an intelligible, two-dimensional pattern of differing emissivities. Using photogrammetry software, I was able to coordinate similarities between overlapping two-dimensional heat signatures. From this I calculated accurate camera locations and surface points, transcribing the geometry of my subject into a virtual space. Three-dimensional printing allowed me to introduce this object into real space, and by casting, I was able to reproduce this object into tactile and expressive realms."
Screenshot (10).png

22 cm x 18 cm x 168 cm