Georgia Green

2018,  BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting and Printmaking, Glasgow School of Art 

"Memory exists in a constant state of conflict, crossing and recrossing boundaries as it simultaneously moulds and dismantles the self. It is in essence multiple and yet specific; collective, diverse, and yet individual. The philosopher Maurice Halbwachs refines this relationship, asserting that it is the ever present “framework of collective memory” that “confines and binds our most intimate remembrances to each other”. The expression and realisation of this intersubjectivity within memory is the focal point of my work. The memories of childhood, simultaneously intimate and universal in their domestic and familial grounding, are of particular interest to me. Childhood recollections carry with them a sense of distance, loss and separation. A sensation, both beautiful in its nostalgia and disquieting in its strangeness, which arises as much from the absence of memory as from its presence. For, while a universally pivotal aspect of the self, childhood becomes a largely forgotten or dormant fraction of our narrative; reliant on the guiding and misguiding influence of photographs as much as recollection itself. It is this sensation, this residue of the past, that I attempt to materialise through the semitranslucent layers of my work. "
Elsewhere (1).jpg
Elsewhere 1

75 cm x 105 cm

Elsewhere (2).jpg
Elsewhere 2
75 cm x 150 cm 
Residue of Childhood.jpg
Residue of Childhood
51 cm x 69 cm