George Gant

2018, BA Fine Art Critical Practice, University of Brighton  

"My practice as a body of work is concerned mainly with identity and experience and how both shape each other. More specifically, my most recent work is focused firstly on examining representations of masculinity in past and present media and secondly investigating the detrimental effects deindustrialisation and rapid cultural change have had on young men in Britain. Utilising mainly photomontage and digital collage I mix analogue cutting and sticking and then proceed to master a final digital image. Informed by works such as Jenny Holzer’s mass produced ‘Inflammatory Essays’ and Mark Wallinger’s ‘State Britain’ my most recent series of works entitled ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ takes form as a series of monochromatic posters bearing a resemblance to the aesthetic of subcultural art such as zines and flyers. The imagery I utilise here often becomes deliberately obfuscated in this style, this is inspired mainly by Sinead Murphy’s ideas presented in ‘The Art Kettle’, asserting that art is used by a ruling class to keep a populace’s creative thinking safe in order to avoid social change. I have adopted this mode of practice to attempt to create a visual representation of the overbearing futility, exclusivity and commodification of modern protest."
Boys Don't Cry,(installation).jpg
Cute Little Fancy Dress Party

91 cm x 91 cm