Georgia Bramwell

2018, BA(Hons) Drawing & Print, University of the West of England 

Georgia Bramwell’s current practice is focused around unique spaces that she finds herself walking upon within the city. Captivated by the energies that lie within the streets, hidden within the buildings and behind the closed doors. The ever-changing urban structures in contrast to evidence of past life and histories of human interaction. The metaphysical matter that is attached to these spaces; the memories, conversations, occurrences and emotions that belong. Georgia likes to perceive her interest in this subject matter as a kind of ‘Urban Romanticism’. Although her recent work is more figurative, Georgia still considers herself as an abstract painter with a deep connection to colour and expressionism evident in her paintings. 
April outside the Arnolfini

100cm x 120cm

Finding the Barbican

20cm x 20cm

From the bus

20cm x 20cm

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