Gabrielle-Aimée Séguin

2018,  BA (Hons) Painting, Edinburgh College of Art

"My paintings suggest a chaotic world strung together by a thin web of architecture where each motif and figure surrenders to the cycles of time. This explosive universe is either at the point of its creation, or coming to an apocalyptic end. Time is also evoked through the figures’ relationships with landscape, architecture, the viewer and with each other as they compete for dominance. Often, the figure’s presence is suggested by clothes. Since the early humans began making clothes from animal skins, these products have preserved evidence of our skills and existence long after we are gone, much like paintings do.  This interest in time as a theme was heavily influenced by the summer I spent on the American West Coast in 2017. There, where everything was new and fast-paced, I realised how steeped in time my European culture is. Since then, by combining collage, a medium associated with immediacy, with the slower-paced traditions of drawing and oil painting, my artwork has sought to create a dialogue between the rapidly evolving present and the past. The magazine cut-outs I appropriate in my drawings become intricately painted objects on my canvases and are mixed with personal imagery."
A Leap Through Time.jpg
A Leap Through Time
193 cm x 90 cm (90 cm x 64.3 cm each)
127.4 cm x 90 cm
Cosmic Landscape with Arches.JPG
Cosmic Landscape with Arches
90 cm x 64.3 cm