Felicity Meachem

2018, BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting, University of Brighton 

"Burgeoning with an overload of pattern, my work explores whether the decorative has a place within contemporary Fine Art Painting. While pattern can still signify twee, kitsch, the degenerate and the feminine, all of the old disparagements which critics imposed against it, with the right use of decoration in painting it can be evocative, multivalent, vigorous and empowering. Images sourced or appropriated from different cultures define the subject matter in my paintings. Such as Parisian tile patterns, Japanese Kimono and iconic African Dutch wax prints. This is in order to create a utopian world where all cultures can live in harmony."
Now, you just keep your mind on the poet
Now, you just keep your mind on the poetry and off the pyjamas
120 cm x 150 cm
I'm alright, hiding tonight.jpg
I'm alright, hiding tonight
150 cm x 150 cm
Headlong plunges of equal distraction.jp
Headlong plunges of equal distraction

150 cm x 180 cm