Flavia Tritto

2019, Central Saint Martins, UAL

"I am an interdisciplinary artist working across photography, video, installation, performance and participatory art. My research revolves around individuality, (inter-)subjectivity and self- and interpersonal perception approached from a multidisciplinary perspective. I look at the structures in which the individual is embedded, and at the mechanisms that enable and constrain identity (be they social, cultural, psychological, biological etc.), in order to challenge their margins, explore possibilities of change, and unveil our hidden and possible multiplicities. Important aspects in this research pertain to every day -with its objects, its protagonists, their actions and their encounters- and to the relativity of perception. My work encapsulates elements from different levels of experience – the personal, the collective and the interpersonal."

Hold me gently
Sculpture, 2019
89 x 82 x 78 cm