Faye Hadfield

2018, BA Contemporary Arts practice , Bath spa University 

"My deliberately misshapen vases parody emoticons. Their faces are not mere signifiers – they’re invested with relatable human feelings, creating a tension between object and viewer. This collection of ‘idiosyncratic’ vases is a family; each has distinctly individual characteristics and yet interrelated through applied anthropomorphism.
My recent practice examines the continual discourse between pots and plants. However, it also reflects a woman’s touch, referencing conception, gestation and birth, adopting the role of mother and homemaker, in the creation of family. The aesthetics of the domestic space is utilised, creating artefacts imbued with symbolism and emotion resulting in a seemingly recognisable form reimagined; a comment on the familial and home making. As a sculptor I’ve learned to potter like a craftsperson, which is paradoxically advantageous when making my works deliberately sloppy and askew. As a ceramist I know better each day how to manipulate the form and invest it with meaning."
Screenshot (41).png
Big Boy
aprox 150 cm tall with plinth 54cm across 
Screenshot (41).png
Vases in installation view
250 cm x 250 cm
vase to the right: Strawberry Theif 
Vase to the left: Camovase