Elly Rutherford

2018,  BA (Hons) Fine Art, Kingston School of Art

"Through performance that operates across the registers of poetic speech, dance and interaction with mixed-media installations, I create works that investigate how my personality effects my perceptions, specifically as I liken myself to the cultural icon Kate Bush. I dance alongside diametrically opposed objects that intrigue me and interact directly with the audience, inviting them to enter the space and to be an integral part of the art. This creates a continuous piece of work with no beginning or end. As a lifelong, non-professional dancer, I find ways to bring my love of dance into performance art. My admiration of Punchdrunk, Studio Wayne McGregor, Isabel Lewis and Marie Cool and Fabio Balducci has also inspired an interest in set design, particularly where this is representational and conceptual.
The concept of apophenia is fascinating, I wonder at how our subconscious mind spontaneously forms links and patterns with seemingly unrelated phenomena, such as visual and sound stimulus, without being immediately obvious. The concept of ‘felt meaning’, an intense sensation that is produced from a sensory stimulus affecting our emotions, is hard to comprehend. Nevertheless, I have experienced this from art, music and dance that produce intense emotions that manifest as physical sensations. Throughout my formal art education, particularly as a Fine Art undergraduate, I have been on a personal voyage of discovery, encountering the benefits of both dance and the natural environment, achieving states of mindfulness to support personal well-being. I have observed how this digital age is generating mediated experiences, limiting time spent on living in the present and degrading our attention span. This seems to be perpetuating and creating further barriers between art and its audience. I observe people becoming less inclined to spend time in the ‘now’. Developing a practice that creates immersive and interactive performances can be used as means of enriching our lives. I have been putting this theory into practice through the construction of interactive spaces or using pre-existing and public locations."
Kate Bush The Mountaineer.jpg
Kate Bush The Mountaineer
250 cm x 200 cm x 300 cm 
Salsa Down the Line.jpg
Salsa Down the Line
Screen prints on polyester sill
154 cm x 115 cm each
To Bathe in the Stillness.jpg
To Bathe in the Stillness