Erin Ross

2019, Wimbledon College of Art, UAL

"When encountering my work, I ask the viewer to question our relationship with the natural world and its presence within both the museum and gallery space. With an interest in natural history, taxonomic collections, specimens and the traditional constructs of a diorama, my work embraces the construction and staging of nature. Yet there is importance over past nostalgia, narrative and dystopic foreshadowing. I present the complexity behind the human, animal relationship and challenge the traditional associations of taxidermy representing the oppressed. My practice involves taxidermy and organic matter to create fictitious predictions of a dystopic post-human landscape. With implications of genetic engineering, selective breeding, growth from decay and contemporary ruins. Through the destruction of man-made structures and landscapes and decayed critical environmentalism, my work acknowledges animal adaption and natures ability to survive even within the most inhospitable environment, and glorifies the integrity and strength behind the natural world."

Lower Anthropocene
Installation, 2019