Emily Shaw

2019, University of Chichester

"The concept surrounding my work focuses on my interest in text and language combined with my interest in weaving and woven textiles. I noticed that both of these interests were made up of structures for example- language is a system that is made up of signs and symbols and to be able to understand the language, the signs and symbols have to be structured correctly in a specific order. 


The initial structure of weaving is the warp and weft because that is what holds a weave together. However, as I begin to weave into the warp I am then also creating my own textural structure, that becomes a piece of art. I found this interesting because I was using a structure within a structure. 


Another area that I focused on was the idea of ‘erasure’ and ‘illegibility’. Although I am interested in language, the thought of writing my own text to put into my artwork was daunting so I experimented with ways I could distort the text that I wrote, so that the audience could still identify that I had used letters and numbers, but wouldn’t be able to read it clearly. This is why I began to use newspaper. 


I chose to work with the newspaper in my first year of university and continued developing my practice throughout the rest of my degree. Newspaper is an object that has been purposely made to be read, and by using it in a weave, the structure of the warp and weft erases the text and essentially erases its purpose/ meaning because the letters are now marks in my work instead of symbols."

Paper weaving, 2019
100 x 40 cm
Paper weaving, 2019
125 x 75 cm