Evi Kalogiropoulou

2018, MA Contemporary Art Practise, Royal College of Art

"My work lies within the Moving Image discipline, referring to a combination of dystopian environments and elements of science fiction that can be found in our modern society and experienced by living in the urban environment of countries in sociopolitical crisis. I am particularly interested in the social context of the postcolonial, patriarchal the environment in contemporary society. I am passionate about mixing ancient philosophical constituents with modern philosophical and mystical theories. In my work, I try to find hidden aspects of everyday life in cities and explore how the urban environment has changed in the last few years due to social and political crises affecting both immigrants and women. My work includes a variety of cultures and focuses on their ability to create new intercultural identities, specifically in the context of the immigration crisis. I am mainly concerned with the enforcement of borders between countries and how we can propose a new form of intercultural, non-patriarchal society. Having grown up in Greece, a country on the European periphery-geographically, economically and culturally situated halfway between the developed West and the rest of the world- it is more than obvious to me that there are different levels of colonialism: ideological, economic and cultural."
Cynisca .jpg
Cynisca is said to have been a tomboy 
Dimes ion variable 
she was always depicted running to the r
she was always depicted running to the right with bent knees
400 cm x 400 cm
She was always depicted running to the l
She was always depicted running to the left