Eunjung Suh

2018, MA Print, Royal College of Art

"I am interested in digging into the essence of the human psyche in art. I believe that this can be shown by illuminating the dark sides of mind under social masks. Dark sides are violence, vulnerability, hatred and absurdity which one doesn’t want to embrace in his or her conscious life. The aspiration to open the door of the unconsciousness, components of the mind, and conflicts between opposite sides of mind are my subject matters. For this, most of my work is made by printmaking as the media is the best way to achieve the essence. The natures of printmaking, unpredictability and contingency, bring me to where the unconscious and the conscious meet. Through this media, especially mono-type, I work spontaneously and automatically in order to minimise a rational control.
My recent research area is an organic relationship between the conscious and the unconscious. In term of the work process to achieve this, I make various textured plates by crumpling paper or using raw materials including sand or pebbles. Before printing this, I do conscious engagements through spontaneous drawings onto the plate. I start with the premise that the character of the unconscious is related to roughness in several features; wild, untamed, and changeable interacting with the outer world. Both My engagements with textures and texture itself speak together under the pressure of a printmaking press.
In a work of “A Series of Brittle Smile” (2018), I layered different materials as a strategy to show a movement from the conscious to the unconscious. Further, I give lights on to the layers since this is a fascinating method to bring both the brightness and darkness of the human mind. Lights penetrate various layers, representing complicated psychic statements and simultaneously, emphasizing the darkness strongly. In a work of “A series of Brittle Smile: Hold your darkness”, I aimed to evoke the human’s vulnerability, using a smiling face. A smile is expressing happiness but also protecting or hiding something. To visualize this ambivalence and complexity, a first layer was made of mono-type on a transparent acetate by crumpling paper. Under the layer, ever-changing psychic energy is captured by abstract drawings on paper. In some parts of the drawing is blurred or hidden by its front layer, whereas other parts are shown clearly. At this point, light plays a role in emphasizing the space of masks where the hidden parts of mind can be appeared or not. In the work of “A series of Brittle Smile: Three Sorrow”, there are three skeletons. They look like unknown species. These symbolize a nature of human mind which is enigmatic. "
 A Series of Brittle Smile 
installation: Mono-type on acetate and paper, Drawing on paper, Paint on wood, Led light