Eleanor Hudson

2018, Fine Art, De Montfort University

"I create sculptural works using the playful manipulation of materials, producing a family of forms arranged in clusters and grid structures. My work involves restrictive relationships and tension between materials, such as cast plaster, wax, papiermâché and wood combined with pins, rope and latex. The labour-intensive methods of producing some of the work presents a non-mechanical repetition, adding an aspect of uncertainty towards the objects growth, similar to those used in Eva Hesse’s post-minimalist art. The choices in material selection and methods of making sculptures are predominantly driven by underlying sensations. Juxtaposing qualities of smooth and rough, sturdy and fragile, create tactile surfaces, urging the viewer to touch."

88 cm x 55 cm x 45 cm

Tittle Tattle.jpg
Tittle Tattle
110 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm 
Inside Out.JPG
Inside Out
230 cm  x 15 cm x 10 cm