Egors Buimisters

2019, Camberwell College of Arts, UAL
Egor Buimister is a contemporary Baltic artist working predominantly in painting and drawing techniques. His art focuses on the themes of transgression, sacred imagery and memory. It studies emanations, silhouettes and shadows that allow tracing objects that are either long gone or do not fully belong to the world that is given to us in perception. Another important theme in Buimister’s work is a representation of pre-existing imagery: the sources may vary from artistic references to photographs of important historical figures and his own family’s archive. The artist re-creates and interprets all of these sources in an attempt to study the transformation of the image and its message in the process of painting.
Treating any piece of imagery as a visual text, Egor examines the effect of its translation to other media’s language in the contemporary situation, when the referential function of languages is deteriorated or lost and all the artist and viewer has left is its mere “shadow of the likeness”. Buimister’s artistic manner combines a strong academic foundation with a contemporary influence, especially that of popular culture - comic books, advertisement, web art. Besides large painting projects, Egor also creates a series of artworks combined in albums with the common idea and constructible narrative, thus expressing his interest in narrative strategies and compositional experiments.

Everything That Rises Must Converge
Painting, 2019
160 x 120 cm
Ganz Andere
Painting, 2019
171 x 75 cm