Emma Fineman

2018, MA in Painting,  The Royal College of Art 

"I have developed a body of work that address my interests in narrative and the scope of figurative painting to both extend and compress descriptive time. I have been experimenting with large works on multiple panels to invest this idea of looking and reading with presence and scale. For this reason, I render objects at a relational scale to how I would experience them in daily life. As well, I feel that if I am to make works about memory, it is important that I enact it as I work I embrace painting's ability to flatten time into a still image and I seek to highlight this seemingly preposterous task by allowing my narration to layer and slip, depicting the dense compression of time in our contemporary culture. It seems that we are now unable to experience life one thing at a time. It never is, and perhaps never has been that way. I feel however, especially aware that at present, we are all inundated with such a degree of information that it makes thinking, feeling, and understanding clearly, practically impossible. My works become my space to contemplate and to reflect, my internal desires played out in a series of expressive and gestural marks that sit somewhere between drawing and painting. Somewhere between the quick note to jot down an idea, and a more prolonged meditation on the parts of daily life that for some unknowable reason affix themselves to back of ones mind and kick about with an unnerving permanence. "
Two Steps Till Heaven s.jpg
Two Steps Till Heaven

240 cm x 180 cm

Water Under The Bridge.jpg
Water Under The Bridge
331 cm x 271 cm 
At Your Bedside.jpg
At Your Bedside
260 cm x 730 cm