Emily Brackenbury

2018, BA (Hons) Textile Design, Nottingham Trent University
" I have just completed a degree in Textile Design BA (Hons) specialising in print design for fashion and interiors. My art work is inspired by the flowing patterns and colours in nature. I use my painting and hand drawing skills to create bold vibrant designs. The contemporary Impressionist artist Jessica Zoob has influenced my artistic style. Her work has encouraged me to experiment painting florals on a large scale and to create textured marks in my work. Furthermore, I use a thick impasto painting technique to add layers and depth to my art work. Finally, I scan my designs into photoshop and layer them together to create intricate digital prints. I have also recently completed an internship in London at fashion company Hermione de Paula. During this placement I gained experience working in a studio designing drawings to be embroidered and printed on to high end garments."
Impressionist Blooms.JPG
Impressionist Blooms
Print design 

285cm x 85cm