Elizabeth Bevington 

2018,  BA (Hons) Painting, Edinburgh College of Art
"I keep returning to the way in which the nomans-land of social media creates and manipulates a certain presentation of the individual, particularly the way this affects women. How do I represent myself/ how should I represent myself/ how do others represent themselves/ how do others representation of themselves impact my own representation of myself/ why do we engage/ how do we engage/ what is the aim/ does it matter? I paint because I love to challenge my own and others’ consideration of what it is to receive and to produce visual imagery in the immediacy our current world of live feed, apps and filters. I enjoy the subtlety of painting. I mean that whilst I create my work with a multitude of research and thoughtfulness, in the final work there may only be quiet visual references to my influences or sources. I am conscious that not all of my thinking appears directly onto the canvas but sometimes this is what I strive for – an ambiguity.
My recent series is bursting with bright pink, girlish hues that give immediate connotations of girly and sexist clichés within Western culture. It is exactly this initial reaction, a dismissal of the shallow ‘girly-ness’, in which I am interested."
Inside Out.JPG
Inside Out

70cm x 60cm x 100cm

Big Things Lurk Inside.jpg
Big Things Lurk Inside
200cmx 150cm 
Sharing is the Essence.JPG
Sharing is the Essence
130cm x 350 cm (10cm x 10 cm individually)