Dolly Verity

2019, Wimbledon College of Arts, UAL
"The environment and animal welfare are two great passions of mine. My practice explores ways of interlinking these two themes to create artwork of significance and to help educate audiences about the hidden truths of our world.
Hutan Yang Senyap and Lungs of the World explore the devastation deforestation has on the orangutan and plant species due to palm oil consumerism. Equally the work represents the optimism of sustainable palm oil production. Through this work, I hope to help educate and encourage people to make a change. I am fascinated with alternative materials to screen print onto, and exploring new ways of presenting the results. There is scientific evidence that if more than one sense is used to view work, it becomes more memorable. Creating an environment in which audiences can become apart of is key to my work. Encouraging people to make a change is a challenge but it can be done if they are inspired. This is one of my aims for my practice. Using screen prints on textured materials, I create three-dimensional forms which provide an environment for the audience to immerse themselves in.
My practice aims to inspire people to make a change. Artwork can speak a thousand words and I believe it's important to use it as a way of communicating the important message of conservation. In order to carry out this research, I have had to step out of my comfort zone, forcing me to engage with information of an intimidating scale. For Hutan Yang Senyap, Lungs of the World and Lost in the Embers, to further develop my knowledge and research on deforestation, I contacted a range of orangutan and deforestation organisations such as the Orangutan Foundation and Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation. Contacting these charities has inspired to explore other organisations which may want to help, or be apart of my practice. It excites me to see how much artwork can make a difference. I only hope I can make a small difference and help educate those on subjects such as these through my artwork. Change has to be made in order to conserve our wildlife and precious species, Hutan Yang Senyap, Lungs of the World and Lost in the Embers are my small contribution to encouraging this change."  
Hutan Yang Senyap
Installation, 2019
483 x 241x 290 cm
Lungs of the World
Installation, 2019
169 x 8.5 x 183 cm