Dahee Lee

2018, Fine Art Painting Practice, Glasgow School of Art

"I have created a process that translates musical scores into visual scores. I primarily use Bach’s music to visually explore something new that can be obtained from the music, such as patterns and compositional possibilities. I translate the elements of music to colour, shape, contrast and chroma, to make a visual score.  My artwork’s aim is to disassemble and analyse the order, beat, instructions of the performance method, and characteristics of the instrument to visually explore the aesthetic and sensory qualities that can be explored with Bach’s music. "
J.S.Bach - Prelude in B flat Major, BWV.
J.S.Bach-Prelude E Major, BWV 854.jpg
J.S.Bach - Prelude in B flat Major, BWV 866
30 cm x 330cm 
J.S.Bach-Prelude E Major, BWV 854
25 cm x 420 cm
Music Books.jpg
Music Books