David Auborn

2018, MA Painting, Royal College of Art 

Davied Auborn's paintings make use of drawing as a point of departure. These drawings can exist alone, or as assemblages of many drawings together, and are made from memory, imagination and intuition slowly building to form their own terrain. Ultimately these drawings are made with the aim of discovering something that creates a curiosity in me that also feels meshed with a certain kind of reality.
The paintings then hope to give form to that curiosity, sitting somewhere in the brink of potential between something known and unknown. With this balance in mind, through the act of painting they traverse this space, open to the possibility of slippage into both sides. Ultimately the paintings resist a logical exactness and prefer an exactness that is, mysterious and illogical, but is perhaps somehow more closely entwined in the fibres of our reality and experience. 
Steady Heat.jpg
Steady Heat
Oil on Canvas
200cm x 180cm
Recall Chamber.jpg
Recall Chamber
Oil on Canvas
250cm x 200cm
Air Dwellers.jpg
Air Dwellers
Oil on Canvas
150cm x 140cm