Daisy Chan

2018, BA (Hons) Photography, Camberwell College of Arts 

"Extraction of subjects or structures from images that exist in culture is one of the core focus that my practice is interested in. My practice is process based which often engages with the subject matter in the image through a hybrid of machine interventions and using different materials. These include materials such as plastic, cardboard and polystyrene, which hold particular crude quality that I am interested in bringing to the subjects in my exploration.
Materializing a subject in my process usually begins with extracting it’s outline on Photoshop, which I then use as a template to cut onto materials. I view my material inquisition as a way to abstract the subject from its usual form to something rather unrefined. By using a subject’s outline, it acts as form of abstraction, whereby the elements that make a subject recognizable are ‘flattened’ and instead details form on the edges of the shape. I am interested in this play between materiality and an outline, how it can exist as another form and the process itself explores the notion of emptying out and replacing the original subject. By re-contextualizing the form that I extract from, I question whether the original can truly be replaced? Does this form of abstraction also bring with it elements of the original to its new form? This is also where my practice crosses over different mediums such as animation, sculpture, painting on walls, as ways in which I find suitability for the abstracted forms to exist in."

208.5 cm x 268 cm

Corrugated Rays.JPG
Corrugated Rays

208.5 cm x 268 cm