Camille Yvert

2018, BA (Hons) Communication Design, Royal College of Art

"My recent projects relate back to the idea of ability to adapt, consent to new situation and the triumphing of flexibility and efficiency in the post-industrial world. Using futile and precarious structures, fragmented systems of desire are re-negotiated to observe the alienation of the body within transient architecture. Continuously displacing models and inconsistent monuments, draws on the presence and absence of things within the functional world. Porous and temporary materials are continuously re-set like a ballet mécanique to engage with ideas surrounding the use of mass construction and delimiting presence. Since 2014, I have created Offline Press, an independent publishing label focused on producing editions of artists in the fields of contemporary art and creative writing. Covering the process of creating, editing, designing and distributing, the label is also a curatorial platform for exhibition shows including worldwide artists."
Hamonized Standards I.jpg
Hamonized Standards I
180 cm x 45 cm x 90cm
Harmonized Standards II.jpg
Hamonized Standards II
80 cm x 33 cm x 4 cm
Nothing sits on her because she has high
Nothing sits on her because she has high standards
Digital photography displayed on screen 
101 cm x 62.2 cm x 8 cm