Camille Smith

2018, BA (Hons) Fine Art, Central Saint Martins, UAL

"My artwork takes a analytical view of mental health and the cultural issues associated with this growing social concern. Drawing from my own personal experiences of living with anxiety and depression, my work explores how the manipulation of the self portrait can help to question our understanding of these emotions. While I use varying materials and
processes my methodology is consistent, with each work being linked by recurring concerns. My work is influenced by theatre, especially concerning itself with the importance of characterisation. Often focusing on humour and appropriated kitsch, to reproduce personal anxieties in order to reveal the therapeutic affects of art making. The work takes on various forms intending for the viewer go be drawn in and act as a coauthor, with the intention for the work to provide a chance to challenge their own perceptions, perspectives and assumptions surrounding mental health. The use of materials in my work is calculated and considered, which often leads to unexpected avenues. It is during research and initial experiments new ideas arise, which feed into the next body of work. My work is grounded in the potentiality of humour, play and characterisation as methods to help continually challenge preconceived ideas associated to mental health. In order to assist the encouragement of mental health being dealt with in new and productive ways. I have no illusions that my work and art in a wider context, will create a revolution of how mental health is understood and received."
Have you ever wondered how the stars came to be?
160 cm x 170 cm
The man reading his way out of fear, and succeeding
160 cm x 170 cm
The Carnival Collective Act 1 Portraits of Panic
250 cm x 300 cm

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