Rufus Biddle

2018, BA Fine Art, Manchester School of Art
"I want to treat my practice as a form of therapy." 
I miss my home. I miss my childhood."
I miss how things used to be." 
"Within my work I have been using aspects of domesticated nature as an artistic medium, this stems from nostalgic memories of my childhood, the Biddle household always took pride in their garden; it played a large role in my youth. A heterotopia is a term in human geography that describes a place that functions in non-hegemonic ways, devoid of the bourgeoisie. As an adult I have been subconsciously surrounding myself in social spaces, friendly and happy environments, in my case the public house. This work takes nostalgia and transforms it into the visual, providing the best possible self-portrait. Through my work I can juxtapose two differing aspects of my life; the scaffolding for my childhood and the foundation of my adolescence. My sculptural compositions are inferred by writings that are inspired by the atmosphere that is held within a social space. I see, I write. I hear, I write. I remember, I write. I have adopted the stream of consciousness style of writing; I don’t want to take anything away from the atmosphere, not to steal the ideas and values of a space. The aim is only to enhance what is already there; writing lets me pick out the motifs of an institution and provides a basis for me to style my work upon."  
Screenshot (62).png
The Widow Cullen's Well 
210 cm x 100 cm x 150 cm