Caroline Kane

2018,  BA (Hons) Painting, Edinburgh College of Art 

A key aspect to Caroline Kane's work is the duality of working with both analogue and digital methods. She finds that her finished work sits somewhere between the two. Kane's paintings may adopt the aesthetic of digital drawings, as she paints pixels and copy the rounded edges of digital brush marks. Yet she constantly enjoy the materiality and physicality of paint, be it thick oil or drippy gloss.
Kane is heavily informed by collage as a technique. This manifests itself in her use of juxtaposition within her paintings, which often include clashing patterns, and unrelated imagery. Her use of pre-existing images in collage and painting can be seen as a form of appropriation and an attempt to revive banal images. Kane finds the technique of appropriation relates to the digital world in which she is situated, as it has become less clear online who owns a particular image. "We are constantly sharing, borrowing or accessing images online. I also regard my use of mimicked digital brushstrokes in my paintings as a form of appropriation. In this sense I copy and take from the visual language of digital software. "
Oil, gloss, & acrylic on raw canvas
200cm x 250cm
Acrylic, oil, gloss, & inkjet print on board
115cm x 115cm
Acrylic, oil, gloss, & inkjet print on board
115cm x 115cm