Chaz Howkins

2018, International Studies, Loughborough University  

" I am a multidisciplinary conceptual artist based in London. My practice has a focus on gender identity, while also exploring on feminism and the female identity. My recent work has critiqued the rigid segregation of gender in public spaces while questioning the difference between gender identity and gender expression as well as the difference between sex and gender. As a multidisciplinary artist, I am skilled in the use of a range of media including drawing, photography, film making, acrylic painting and collage so I will work with whichever medium best fits my concept. My work is a form of activism, so I aim to exhibit as widely as possible in order for it to reach a broad audience and have the potential to alter people’s perspectives on gender and how they interact with the queer community in gendered spaces."
Don't Linger.jpg
Don't Linger

160 cm x 450 cm (dimensions variable as the work is made up of 27 individual

Gendered Space.JPG
Gendered Space
59 cm x 84 cm 
Ladies Room.jpg
Ladies Room
22 cm x 13.5 cm x 11 cm