Chloe Caulfield

2018,   BA (Hons) Photography, University of Edinburgh 

Chloe Caulfield spent her final year focusing on therapy and counselling rooms around Edinburgh with the work 'Healing Spaces' (2018). An investigation into the highly constructed spaces of therapy and counselling – rooms that strive to be unclinical while providing a medical service.
In the work emotive images of the therapy and counselling spaces are presented with clinical research, which includes interview notes from practitioners and copies of articles which explain how the space should be set up; playing with the idea of the relaxed, but highly constructed, space in which this all takes place. With one in four of us suffering from some kind of mental health problems, this project could trigger many ideas – such as removing the stigma around private healthcare, making counselling and therapy more accessible, and perhaps refreshing the idea of what therapy is.
Healing Spaces 3.jpg
Healing Spaces 2.jpg
Healing Spaces.jpg
Healing Spaces
114.3cm x 38.1cm each