Charlotte Hicks

2019, Edinburgh College of Art

"My current work centres around the idea of dignifying the female body, a concept that came to fruition as a result of theme noticing the ubiquity of images that continue to sexualise and objectify women in contemporary media. Reacting to my environment and my experiences, in particular, my experience of being a woman in contemporary society, informs my artist practice immensely and keeps my work relevant to me and the contemporary artistic context. I find art is an invaluable tool to push the boundaries of our society, and to put across specific social and political views, whilst still appealing to the viewers' eye in an aesthetic sense. I have found being part of various exhibitions, and in particular, the Edinburgh Degree Show, that my work appears to stand out and, as visitors and buyers have told me, offer something different to the artistic scene, particularly in Scotland. It is a tool that I am indebted to and obsessed with, and I hope to be a part of this amazing opportunity that Orbit UK is offering young graduating artists, allowing me to continue to play and work with this discipline further."

Headless Woman
Mixed media, 2019
42 x 59.4 cm