Charlotte Fisher

2018, BA Photography, University of Gloucestershire

" I have been driven creatively to develop my aesthetic style using many board approaches and genres such as documentary photography, abstract, tableaux, pinhole photography, low key photography and macro photography. I have developed a fascination with withholding information from the viewers and letting their imaginations take over, by using lighting
techniques, alternative processes and removing context. This which creates ambiguity and a talking point amongst the audience, you create your own meaning. I focus on places and objects, some with gruesome histories. This allows the viewers imaginations to take over; the viewer has to decipher the scene, which is open to interpretation. My scenes involve narratives without people being present within the frame, by removing a human, the location becomes the central focus."
Pinhole Collective 1

420 cm x 297 cm

Unsolved, The Beaumont Children
420 cm x 297 cm 
Organic Mater, No 6
297 cm x 210cm 

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