Bethany Parkinson

2018, Ba (Hons) Textiles Design , Chelsea College of Art, UAL
"Focusing on creating a work to immerse the audience within, the ‘Shrinking Violet’ project has been an emotionally involved work. Initially looking into habitual objects carried around, and their significance and emotional weighting as something which should be disposable yet had become the most regular within my life as a result of a chaotic experience living within London. This theme of looking into regularity is consistent with my practice as an artist, as I seek to draw from experiences and idiosyncrasies that I feel are otherwise overlooked from day to day situations. Scale and colour are at the centre of my practice, often with both being diminished or exaggerated in excess to convey deeper meaning. This was an integral part of the ‘Shrinking Violet’ project, looking at infinitesimal marks through the lens of a microscope to them be enlarged to A0, and likewise taking a life-size face cast and shrinking it down to less than half the original size. Alongside this visual work is the audio, immersive element which is key to the understanding of the project as a whole. Formed from sounds collected throughout the year, the ‘Shrinking Violet’ sound piece created gives reference to the theme of chaos and a life which is ever changing and with little security or sense."
Shrinking Violet.JPG
Shrinking Violet
10 cm x 20 cm