Bohyeon Kim

2018, MFA Fine Art, Slade School of Fine Arts

"I am interested in challenging the boundaries between painting and nonpainting, with sculptural concerns exploring structures, materiality, and photogram. I tend to combine found objects and digital images into my painting, especially those that can reveal the aspects of three-dimensional anthropomorphic identities, and surreal and mythological qualities. Recently I have started making more digital printing works in combining with sculptural paintings and objects where are usually relying a wall and a floor as three-dimensional form. The using of photographic language is the pictorial format of embracing all the different and unknown things around a new space in which multi layers of time made through system of digital space. As such, image-objects have agency; each of them become subjects. With continuity by virtual influence on temporal qualities, I accept an indexical relationship to a time and a space at a given moment which can be hybrid quality. This is like the way I become acquainted with diverse of global cultures with complexities as a contemporary artist but also at the same time I am still in somewhere at threshold as terraforming of X equal Y. "
Dual Zone.jpg
Dual Zone
80 cm x 60 cm
Printing Size Variable
X - Time with Y - Zone.png
X - Time with Y - Zone

250 cm x 250 cm approx