Ben Chandler

2018, BA (Hons) Fine Art,  Birmingham City University 

"I am a multimedia artist from Southend-on-Sea who explores how being resonates in the structures that we use to organise our reality. Currently intrigued by art’s ability to materialise philosophical concerns, I intervene material with language to challenge one’s perceptions and sense-of-self in the world with attention to space, time, and gesture. Since being endorsed as ‘Highly Commended’ by the Royal Society of British Artists in 2013, I have studied a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at South Essex College and have recently achieved my First-class degree in Fine Art at the Birmingham School of Art.
My practice embodies my secular introspection and extrospection towards the incremental change of our dynamic world. Being greatly influenced by the philosophical movement Existentialism, and by artist movements such as Light & Space Art and Romantic Conceptualism, I lay bare my search for how recognisable forms and subjective sensibilities manifest from one another. My works act as propositions which, throughout one’s exposure to them, accommodates the shifting of one’s perceptions to reach understandings of the world not typically achieved in an everyday context. Technology and process are critical to an artwork’s production, so these are left on display where possible. Sculpture, video, projection, and sound recur frequently in my practice but regardless of content or medium, my works remain visually succinct to bring attention to the interrelation of the spatial, temporal, and preformative qualities of their key components. Even in the overt simplicity of a particular work’s execution, what is of critical importance is the dynamism at play, as facilitated by the viewer: the perceiving being-in-and-of-the-world. "
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25 cm x 25 cm per letter (10 letters)

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I (Social)

I Can't Avoid Counting Down When I Look
 I Can't Avoid Counting Down When I Look At You