Amy Truscott

2018, BA (Hons) Sculpture, University of Edinburgh

" My current work comprises three multi- media sculptures: ‘Bubble Baths’, ‘Glowing Bubbles’ and ‘Bisexual bubbles.’ These have been created with clear Perspex, melted and manipulated into intricate rock pools, then filled with detergent, water, led lights and a pump to create bubbles. ‘Bubble Baths’ is positioned on chrome sprayed MDF board to allow the almost glass like texture of the rockpools to glow with a reflective light onto the floor. ‘Glowing Bubbles’ is presented within a 4-foot metal circle filled with water, and the clear bubbles interact with the surrounding pool of water. Finally, ‘Bisexual bubbles’ envelopes the rockpool in a blanket of clear PVC fabric, creating hidden areas and shaping the flow of the bubbles onto the floor. The sculptures are constantly changing, due to the bubbles spilling out into the floor and the different colours of the LED lights. The intention is to encourage interaction, the works engaging and appealing to people to reach out, touch the bubbles, play with them, shape them. Research and background I create works which are meant to be interactive and fun, pieces with which people can play and explore. This allows people to come to their own subjective views about what they take from it, and is in part working against the ‘white cube’ mentality of the viewer passively looking at an object. People are touch sensitive, and I create work that has to be touched and engaged with to be fully enjoyed. People are drawn to water, something clear to see at fountains in the wild or in contained municipal or retail settings. It amuses me to see a sign at the Ross Fountain in Edinburgh’s Princes Street Gardens prohibiting playing with the fountain yet there are always children leaning in, touching and interacting with the water. This element of subversion aligns with the rejection of a formal, viewing space. The use of bubbles also gives a sense of transience, similar to the ways in which sand is moved by the sea; the marks from footprints, pebbles, shells, animals are washed away, no mark is permanent. "
Bubble Baths.jpg
Bubble Baths
130 cm x 130 cm
Bisexual Bubbles.jpg
Bisexual Bubbles
150 cm x 300 cm x 150 cm
Glowing Bubbles.jpg
Glowing Bubbles
140 cm x 140 cm