Aslihan Pehlivanli

2018, BA (Hons) Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts, UAL

"By using language and semiotics, I try to delve into finding correlations between seemingly unrelated ways hierarchical structures work within cultural setups, art experience and media, and deconstruct or re-imagine them in different ways that the audience can engage with. I explore the limits and definitions of engagement through performance and interactive but seemingly self-contained works. Questioning the connections between collaboration and participation, the separation of audience from the artwork, the audience as part of the work rather than a mere observer and the distinctions between the audience and the collaborator; I aim to create a leveled ground for the idea and viewer can meet and carry on from where the work left off. I play with the effects of the meanings words tend to dictate by using absurdities and surreal uses of familiar formulations. For this play on semantics, I tend to utilize different forms like internet or advertising language or oral tradition and myths. I like to look into alternative ways of making sense of the everyday media we consume. Both my performative and non-performative works tend to consist of graphic design and installation. By employing them both, I like to create visually recognizable components and feelings so I can deconstruct their universally accepted meanings (such as the catchy language of advertisement) and reconstruct them to create a detachment from and question their mundanity."
Below the Terra.jpg
Below the Terra

100 cm x 25 cm x 8 cm


32 cm x 32 cm