Alex Nix-James

2018,  BA (Hons) Fine Art, Staffordshire University
"My current practice is based around interactions between reality and the painted world. Especially how society have interfered with nature and as a result, notions of Utopia or the ideal world cannot exist within the modern world. As a supporter of the organisation Greenpeace I believe that it is societies job to do what we can to save our planet, hence my decision to start experimenting with environmentally friendly ways of making work to limit my own emissions as an artist. However, the fact my work still offers a contradiction through my use of acrylic paint and spray paint, references my own opinion that utopia cannot exist with today’s world, but only in paintings or our dreams. My practice is based on an interplay between sculptural and painted elements. Sculptural forms are created from a combination of research; from my local environmental landscape of Cannock Chase and from images sourced from the imaginary landscapes of the computer franchise, Dark Souls. These disparate references enhance the idea that the idyllic or Utopian society may no longer achievable in the context of the Anthropocene age. The Romantic movement has also become a significant focus of my recent works. Romanticism being a vision of a society that placed emphasis on self-awareness and a focus on improving living conditions. Through my research, the works of Casper David Friedrich and Mariele Neudecker became a significant reference within my practice; especially notions of the sublime and the idyllic landscape. The construction of other worlds has been adapted in my own work to create sculptural forms. However, there has been a deliberate attempt to fashion my own work with imperfections that are a direct reference to the limitations of reality and the modern society."
The Sublime, Reaching for Perfection.jpg
The Sublime, Reaching for Perfection
Photography series
90 cm x 80 cm approx
Brighter Times.jpg
Brighter Times

29.7 cm x 42 cm