Alex Pearce

2018, BA (Hons) Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts, UAL

"The constant pushing and pulling of mediums has been a key element with in my paintings. This has allowed my exploration through cityscapes and the manipulation of light to be constantly moving forward and changing as though the cityscape does with every new building built or how the sun or moon does with every new day. With the subject of my paintings surrounding the manipulation of light in a cityscape and its modern architecture, it is the small details which help to build up my paintings. Through the use of photography and first-hand drawing I’ve been able to capture some of these developments with in London. The details that can be seen in my work, all come from the first-hand experience of observing the city and its architecture face to face. This has allowed myself the chance to experience what key details people notice or why certain people stop to discover an architectural feature that catches their attention. It is these developments that become noticeable in the drawings or fine detailed painting of architecture, especially with in my most recent works. My painting has taken the form of an abstracted yet somewhat romantic theme, with the colours in my paintings being very nostalgic. This is key to allowing this notion of silence and subtlety when they are being viewed. Along with this calming nature which is seen through the moon or sun surrounded by vibrant and deep colours, it is the dominant forms of the buildings and features that help to give presence in the paintings."
The moon through the Abyss (Part 2)
The moon through the Abyss Ii

117 cm x 300 cm

The moon through the Abyss (Part 1).jpg
The moon through the Abyss I 

130 cm x 260 cm

The moon through the Abyss IV 

150 cm x 240 cm

The moon through the Abyss (Part 3).jpg
The moon through the Abyss III 

120 cm x 180 cm