Akiko Ogawa

2018,  BA (Hons) Fine Art, Bath Spa University

"My work is a journey into the 21st century notions of the sublime. It involves various eclectic practices of painting, drawing, digital and a combination of these. With strong influences from historic artists of the Enlightenment Era; Leonardo Da Vinci and William Blake, and their interdisciplinary research and philosophical study into the arts and science, my art practice is a study which explores the psychology and the subconscious visual manifestations of the mind and psyche through creative, imaginary, idiosyncratic processes of automatic painting and drawing. The subject matters recently explored through my paintings touches upon themes of the Romanticist sublime and the creation of grandeur yet terrifying realms and landscape. I paint and draw intuitively in an automated state.
My recently completed intuitive painting, ‘Event Horizon’ responds to the ideas of modern day’s scientific discoveries and the comprehension of gravitational singularity and black holes. It aims to portray the subjective landscape of my own transcendental imagination, and of the ethereal essences of the psyche. I am interested in the unseen imaginary realms that transcend beyond the three and fourdimensional framework that human perception is bound within. The freedom of mark-making and layering in painting exhibits the manifestation of time through of my own personal and autobiographical visual journey that respond to my perceptions of the world and our persisting reality. My practice also seeks to understand and comprehend the ideas of science and technology; of biology and the invisible realms that make up the digital. I believe it to be a transcendental and philosophical experimentation into my own type of visual communication, as well as the symbiotic combination of the different mediums of painting, drawing and digital."
Event Horizon.jpg
Silver screen Event Horizon
Oil on board

152 cm x 244 cm