Ahae Kim 

2018, MFA Painting, Slade school of Fine Art 

"My work approaches memory in an aspect of perception. I focus on its duality and reproducibility. Some memories are as clear and close as I have one in my hand. Some are vague and far as I look at it from a distance. Some are curious but close as I look at it through a microscope. Sometimes it is far, but so clear. I suppose memory has a spatial aspect. Besides, experience contemplating memories gives another layer of perception of the self and the world. It is ambiguous to distinguish between the self reproduces memory of the memory and memory itself. It is a puzzle which repetitively opens and closes. I recast images from daily life as space to wander the sea of the puzzle. As a wanderer of life, I try to map this weird correspondence between memory, time, and perception."
Oil on paper
10.5 cm x 14.8 cm
Wax casting of an oil painting on tracing paper
13 cm x 17 cm