Aliza Evans

2018, BA (Hons) Photography,  University of Brighton 

Aliza Evans primary area of practice centres on the exploration and photographic documentation of the English landscape, recording an intense physical interaction between location, artist, and photographic material. Drawing on historic reference, Evans attempts to develop this research found within a location building a personal narrative around her individual experience of environment. Her most recent work is the result of a number of repeated visits to a single location, indicating the passing of time while also building a working knowledge and emotional connection to the landscape itself. Evans continues to situate herself between the photograph and its referent by hand printing colour photographs in the darkroom, and attempts to intensify their physical relationship by experimenting with natural resources and alternative processes. Often burying her developed negatives on site, the resulting photographs may take on new meaning beyond visual representation and begin to represent a deeper relationship between time and space. 
Little Will Remain.jpg
Little Will Remain
96 cm x 55 cm