Alessandro Conti

2018,  BA (Hons) in Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art

" Looking through the microscope. I see particles, portions of an unknown image. Different shapes, parts of the whole. It is an ancient alphabet, maybe alien. Still unknown. It is a living organism. It develops its own intelligence becoming able to generate meaning. I built it but I don't own it. My image is free from control. Fragments, details, information. I only accumulate Sometimes I remove but I'm too close CUTANDADDANDADDANDCUT Then you can read it. There's a system to reach my image. I start working on small fractions. Information. Bending down, smelly latex, pouring liquids, with a plastic pipette. Pile up and assemble. Now it's one. It grew and can change its form. Systematically lost its discipline and became touchable and real. Easier to remember. But I sometimes can still control my image. I can decide either to feed it or to slice it. Adding more on it or cutting away. It's loose but numb. Maybe it's not fair. but that's just a story. Now you can read it. "
Latex and spray paint on board 

75 cm x 55 cm

Latex on board
125 cm x 110 cm
Latex and spray paint on perspex

200 cm x 150 cm